About Us

AKSAM MEDIA is a company which designed as online News Platform  and other activities related to develop society.

The AKSAM MEDIA created since November 2019 and it does many activities as News publishes  it publishes a Hausa News And  English News.

It provide some programme for improving and building sociery.  Thes programmes include:

1, Train and retrain people in Journalism field.

2 Train people in small scales 

The company has a board of trusty which include General manager of Radio Nigeria Pyramid, Bash M Bash Adamu Dabo Adamu Auditor Of N U J Mustapha Gambo Muhammad.

In the other hand this company has Managing Director and chairman of the board which presently is Abubakar Sulaiman, and he is the first chairman of the board.

 The company has it’s policies,  directives, and management board which  implemented by a management team led by he managing director and Editor-in-Chief.